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Meet: Marlee W., Golden Movement Coach & Personal Trainer

Meet Marlee, one of our exceptional Movement Coaches and Wellness Pro Spotlight for the week.

Meet: Marlee W., an exceptional Movement Coach, Yoga Teacher and Wellness Pro Spotlight for the week!

About a decade ago, Marlee started practicing yoga as a supplement to her extensive dance training. In 2013, while living in Philadelphia, she completed a 200 hr YTT certification with Dhyana Yoga which trains teachers in a vinyasa style stemming from an Ashtanga lineage. Upon receiving the certification, she moved to Brooklyn and started teaching classes all over the city and beyond - in Morocco, Croatia, and Germany! In 2015, Marlee started working with Golden and transitioned from teaching classes to solely working privately with individuals or small groups as she prefers the personal connection that comes from private sessions.

Marlee's teaching approach is an amalgamation of theories and techniques she has learned through her studies of dance, yoga, anatomy, and meditation.

Marlee: 3.5 years!

Golden: What inspired you to pursue a career in health and wellness?

Marlee: Movement and exercise have always been part of my life. I started dance training when I was three years old and went to a performing arts schools where I was dancing at least four hours every day. In college I studied modern dance, and it was around that time that I also started practicing yoga. Wellness and healthy living have always innately been part of my life thanks to dance. For dance artists, their body is their instrument and from a very young age I learned how important it is to take care of my instrument.

Golden: How do you stay motivated when it comes to fitness & wellness?

Marlee: Good question! Staying motivated is often a challenge especially in New York where it’s often easier to be hedonistic than make healthy decisions. This city can also be exhausting so there are definitely days when I would rather nap than move. However my motivation comes from my clients and my friends. I have friends that hold me accountable for getting myself to class. We make plans at the beginning of the week and stick to it. I also feel obliged to share expert knowledge and skills with clients so this inevitably pushes me to stay focused and motivated.

Golden: What has been your proudest moment of your career?

Marlee: I can’t say there has been one proud moment in my career, but rather I have proud moments every day. Each time a client tries something new or pushes their comfort boundaries, I feel gratified. Like when someone takes a headstand or an arm balance for the first time, I get really exuberant and excited like a proud mama!

Golden: What is your favorite self-care routine?

Marlee: Baths. There is nothing like a hot, bubbly bath after a long day to make everything better.

Golden: How do you unplug and find balance each day?

Marlee: Music. Music makes my everyday better. Since I’m an in-home yoga teacher, I spend a lot of time on the train. I like to think of my train rides as ‘car-time’. I’ll put my headphones in and turn the music up really loud and spend the ride with myself and my thoughts.

Golden: What’s your advice to clients who know they need to start a fitness & wellness routine, but don’t know where to start?

Marlee: Be humble. Ask for help or guidance. In my opinion, the overarching idea of fitness and wellness is to simply become more in tune to one’s own body and mind. Being able to listen and assess the body/mind in a non-judgmental way is the foundation of healthy living. Recently, I think the idea of 'wellness' has been wrapped up in vanity and surface level interests. Wellness is much deeper than that. The wellness industry is vast and saturated. Find the way that seems right for you.

Golden: How does movement play a part in someone’s overall fitness & wellness plan?

Marlee: I’m a yoga teacher that teaches from the interests of anatomy and alignment. Within my work, my goal is to get clients to understand their body, the way their body moves, and then try to push their movement capabilities even further.

Golden: What's an intention you've set for 2019?

Marlee: More Music. More Dancing!!!

Movement (Training, Yoga, Pilates) supports our ability to flow through life with strength and flexibility. Stillness (Meditation and Restorative Yoga) supports our presence, reflection, and recovery. We need both ingredients for vibrant health and well-being. As always, we assist YOU in finding YOUR wellness & fitness balance. To book a session with Marlee click here.

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