Balancing Self-Care in the Summertime

Find out how to balance personal wellness and routines for better self-care in the summertime.

I believe that self care routines work best when they come from a place of self-love, as opposed to a list of “shoulds”. And while practice and repetition are vital to growth, we need to stay inspired, we need to mix it up. We need to move in multidimensional ways, not just straight lines. No matter how many workouts and green juices we have, routine rooted in rigidity and perfectionism will leave us exhausted, and balance is elusive and different for each of us - if it even exists.

Summer is a beautiful time to exercise the freedom and curiosity that is so balancing to a daily and weekly routine. Swap group fitness for a walk, training for yoga, deep tissue for thai bodywork, coffee for tea. It’s as simple and as hard as those types of tweaks. Backyard and beach time with friends, travel, good food and drink - our beings are nourished by these moments. This play time is the spaciousness that balances the work and the strength. So all we can do, in my humble opinion, is find practices and routines that serve us, and make them a part of our daily and weekly lives. And when it’s time to roll in the grass with our kiddos instead of get to class or take a run - we soak up that play time like the elixir that it is. Life is so much more than routines, yet we need routines to anchor us.

Namaste is built for both routine and spontaneity. We are built for strength and softness, for optimizing and letting go. Let’s do our best to start and end with love, get strong and soft, count our blessings, and soak up each and every summery day.

And don't forget, if you're looking for guidance in the midst of your summer plans, you can always book your sessions by texting us at 919-namaste.

xx, Julie

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