Julie Wald, MSW, RYT, Chief Executive Officer

Stories by Julie


Enjoying and Appreciating Food

With such busy lives, it's easy to eat our meals quickly and move on with the day. Yet, how we eat is so important to our mindset and overall health.


Our kids, Stress, and mindful tools

Stress effects kids and parents alike. However, there's a few tools that can be used anywhere and anytime and are the perfect way to cultivate...


Together Movement

Have you heard of family together movement? Making space for family time can be tough, but practicing a together movement is a great way to foster...


Building Stillness Into Your Day

Sometimes making time for stillness can seem like a nearly impossible task. One way to combat this is to actually plan it into our schedules.


Energetic cleansing

It's time for Spring cleaning and not just for your home. Use this time to boost your self-care routine too.


Reiki - an initiation

Have you heard of Reiki? The energy present in this practice isn't easily defined in words.


Why to Try Yoga Nidra

Learn more about Yoga Nidra and how you can use this simple process to meditate and relax more effectively.


Practicing Mindfulness

Let's review the terms mindfulness, shifting, labeling, and empathizing to help you practice and incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life.


My Daily Recipe

We offer nutrition counseling advice by sharing our daily recipes of a typical days worth of meals that you are free to use to cook healthier.

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