Building Stillness Into Your Day

Sometimes making time for stillness can seem like a nearly impossible task. One way to combat this is to actually plan it into our schedules.

As a mother of three children who runs a business full-time, stillness has to be extremely intentional for me. If I don't make space on my calendar - for rest, meditation, reflection - it will NOT happen. Stillness has become the life support system for all of my daily efforts and doings. It reshapes them so that my actions are thoughtful and mindful, and not reactionary or impulsive. Finally, doing feels more like living.

Mind you, it wasn't always this way for me. Doing had taken over being, and I was on a fast track to becoming the poster child for what we are actually helping people with daily- stress, burnout, and overwhelment. I had to build stillness into my life in response to feeling "at max capacity" as a human. A feeling we can certainly all relate to.

Incorporating stillness doesn't need to require any significant changes to your lifestyle. Even just the smallest shifts can have a dramatic impact. Below are some of the habits I developed over the years to help create consistent time for this significant pillar of wellness.

TIME BLOCK - Go into your calendar and give yourself some of that precious time that you so freely give to others.  

  • Morning - No work calls or emails first thing, make yourself the priority

  • Mid-week - Pick a day of the week, I do Wednesdays, where 75-80%of my time is blocked for "no calls + no meetings." I call this day, the day I can finally hear myself think.

  • Weekends - carve out "no plans" time on the weekend

HAVE A DIGITAL SUNSET - Preferably an hour, or even better, two hours, before bedtime.

  • Pick up that book you've been dying to finish

  • Spend time in bed during the ending hours of the day with your partner or loved one and NOT your phone, priorities people.

This is a small taste of the types of lifestyle changes that Namaste's new Wellness Plans and Wellness Coaching address. While our focus here is on stillness, implementing it with Namaste's other wellness pillars (movement, touch, and nourishment), we weave these ingredients into our lives with intention. The flavor of everything now changes for the better.

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