Practicing Mindfulness

Let's review the terms mindfulness, shifting, labeling, and empathizing to help you practice and incorporate mindfulness into your everyday life.

Mindfulness is purposeful, nonjudgmental awareness. It’s paying attention in the present moment with openness, curiosity, kindness, and flexibility, without automatically reacting, trying to change, escape, or dismiss our experiences. Mindfulness impacts the neuroplasticity of the brain and can transform our minds the way exercise can transform our bodies.

We can create mindful moments and practice Mindful Meditation every day through a few simple exercises.

Shifting - When something is bothering you, shift your awareness to yourself and your body, instead of being consumed by what is triggering you. Shift your attention to your body and notice any physical sensations that are bubbling up.

Labeling - When your mind wanders, label the thoughts and bring your awareness back to your body, sensation and/or breath. Center by taking a breath, and label your feelings (anger, fear, worry). Validation helps to diffuse and bring awareness to your state of mind.

Empathizing - Try to be non-judgmental and kind with yourself.

By practicing mindfulness in your everyday life, you'll start seeing changes in how you react and interact with whatever life throws your way. Mindfulness helps us manage our stress and anxiety, control our impulses, inspire thoughtful decision-making, and cultivate compassion and empathy towards ourselves and others.

As always, we are here to guide you along your meditation journey - wherever you are in that journey. Simply click here.

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