Energetic cleansing

It's time for Spring cleaning and not just for your home. Use this time to boost your self-care routine too.

relaxation /rēˌlakˈseiSH(ə)n/ (n) the state of being free from tension and anxiety + cleansing /ˈklenziNG/ (adj) intended to aid in the removal of toxins______________________________ exactly what you need 

The energy and footprint of every feeling, experience, thought or place we have been lives in the cells and energetic structure of our bodies. This, combined with the food we ingest and our environment create an ecosystem within us. This ecosystem can be a breeding ground for vitality or stagnation. It is normal for us to hold on to stress, fear, sugar, toxins, etc - but a clearing and “letting go” process is essential. Because our bodies are like any other home, cleansing is necessary for health, well being and optimization.

Movement, stillness, touch, and nourishment are all part of our body/mind “spring cleaning” process. Touch, in particular, helps us with the residuals lingering in our body from winter and can open and clear the musculoskeletal, lymphatic, meridian, glandular, chakra, nervous systems and more from blocks which can lead to disease, pain or discomfort.

Experienced massage therapists and bodyworkers can physically and energetically feel where stagnation lives in the body, and can use many techniques to release and revitalize.

One of the greatest gifts of consistent bodywork is the continual purging of what we don’t need physically and energetically.

Springtime is an outstanding season to kickstart this process and launch into the season with a lightness of being.

Let's enter Spring a little lighter together, 


Lymphatic drainage has SO MANY benefits for your health. It boosts your immune system, helps your body detox and reduces cortisol. But, did you know it's also instantly slimming?

Celebs, fashion week models, and everyone is doing it pre-event. VOGUE highlighted this amazing body sculptor & who doesn't love something that's great for you internally & externally.


Have a little time this Friday night or Saturday morning to learn how to do a little lymphatic massage at home? More specifically for the face? Fantastic. We have two options for you ♡

1. We just discovered face yoga and we can't get enough. Danielle Collins is the world leading Face Yoga Expert (YES, that's a thing) and we love her easy to follow videos for a little RnR at the end of the day. 

2. Facial massage + a little ASMR + a less puffy face. 15 minutes. Easy. 

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