Together Movement

Have you heard of family together movement? Making space for family time can be tough, but practicing a together movement is a great way to foster connection.

With priorities shifting as school starts, it can be easy to overlook making space for family time and the opportunity for our children and ourselves to get physical activity in a way that is unprogrammed. Schedules get filled up with appointments, practices, parent-teacher conferences, and weekend errands, it feels never-ending and constant.

Family connection and physical activity work incredibly well together. This is when (according to research) the quality of our conversations with our children will be most authentic. My own children tell me all the good stuff on our (sometimes forced) family hikes and “dusk walks”. It’s also when we share in non-verbal communication - just being together in a supportive, loving way. Even for 15 minutes - this is where and when the parenting magic happens.

Yet, how do we plan for family physical activity that everyone can enjoy and participate in when our schedules are so busy? Below are some of our suggestions

Identify Time. At the beginning of each week, find a 15-45 minute window of time that everyone can dedicate to family movement.

Decide on an Activity. This can be as simple as going for a “dusk walk” (as we call it in our household) in the park or around the block in the evening after dinner, working in the yard, or a family yoga class on a weekend morning or weekday evening.

Have a Wellness Partner. At Namaste, we specialize in family well-being and movement. Our expertly trained team of wellness advisors and world-class teachers can create a plan specific to the lifestyle needs of your family, and even show up at your home to help facilitate your personalized activity regimen.

Participating in “together movement” isn’t about a goal per se, but more about making space for what needs to be said, felt and heard - in a fun, healthy way. Try some of these ideas, make up your own, or enlist the help of Namaste and get double the benefits of improved health and family togetherness.

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