Reiki - an initiation

Have you heard of Reiki? The energy present in this practice isn't easily defined in words.

Spring. A time to refresh, cleanse & prepare your energetic immune system.

Enter an OG style of energy work that has become new-age.


I can’t recall exactly how I met my Reiki Master, but I remember my first Reiki initiation like yesterday. More curious than skeptical, I admittedly didn’t understand what this energy work was, and to this day I have trouble explaining it. When I practice Reiki on my children as part of their bedtime routine, I stumble to bring words to this energy in a way that my children can comprehend. They don’t ask anymore, and perhaps it’s just not meant to be explained.

Warmth, color, and light, eyelids fluttering uncontrollably, a cleansing rush through my body, my Reiki attunements were mysterious and transformational. Attunements clear our blocks, enabling us to open and expand and draw this energy through our own central channel and out of our hands. When I am practicing Reiki on myself or others, I feel this energy traveling in through my crown and out through my hands. It feels healing to me to practice on others, which is one of the things I love the most about this work. The giver is not depleted but filled with light and energy.

At Namaste we believe that integrating energy work into massage therapy, yoga, meditation, and even personal training is like infusing a practice with light and power.

This integrated approach to self-care is the secret sauce - it’s the Namaste Way.


Digital Reiki - many people find relief through frequency work, and that includes music. This may help you find relief after a stressful week.

The upswing in cortisol production in our offspring is apparently, especially in Namaste’s home-state of NYC. Reiki for children has shown benefits similar to adults.

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