Find out how our good and bad habits shape our lives. You can tackle making adjustments to your habits answering 3 simple questions.

Our habits shape our life. Good habits, bad habits — they are the life we live.

They are the patterns that manifest the reality we exist in. They create the mountains and the grooves that shape our journey, they keep us in a holding pattern, cause us to backslide, and they project us forward. Our daily routines and habitual behavior around — exercise, work, phone, meditation, diet, alcohol/drug consumption, caffeine, cuddling, reading, cooking, yoga, writing/journaling, TV watching, sex, art-making, music-making/listening, email checking, social media engaging, phone chatting, family time, friend time, bedtime etc. — are worth taking some time to look at closely and consciously. We are authoring the great story of our life via these habits, and they could use an edit on a regular basis. A quick an easy way to edit our habits is to think through the following: Which habits do you need/want to STOP? Which habits would you like to START? And, which habits do you currently embody that are worth CONTINUING? Write your answers down and tackle one at a time.

Think of this work as a natural and necessary refining process that over time will help you stay unstuck and ever discovering and evolving.

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